Forget, Remember but do not linger …

Remember, remember? remember I love?

You love? then you don’t, but I still do.

I love old memories but I don’t linger on it anymore,

So don’t worry I am happy for you my dear love,

Look, but close your eyes,

you must feel what I am not trying to say.

To speak with your eyes

whether it is close or open,

Feel but do not linger,

Everything is temporary between us.


I lest not worry if you don’t think of me anymore,

no more, no more my dear love…

Remember, but we may have both forget,

But I won’t forget because I’m  that woman

that remembers but do not linger,

no more, no more….


May have forgotten,

May have not,

But have forgotten,

The path that we once traced,

But I can’t forget, nor I can erased what is there…

What should be there, what isn’t there,

so goodbye, goodbye,farewell my dear love…


I remember, you don’t remember,

You have forgotten but I didn’t,

I remember but do not linger,

In the empty space where once our love was were…

C.H.L 07.31.20110 10:28 PM


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