Let there be light,

There is a war in my mind,

Cast away the shadows that binds me,

Let there be light,

I am clouded with fear,

Paranoia is whispering in my right ear,

Oh Let there be light,

My sanity is slowly drifting,

Taking away the feeling,

It is making me numb…


In the war on my mind my kingdom have crumbled,

piece by piece,no pawns mumble,

Their goodbyes are never echoed

Their coat of arms faded with lies

Betrayed by their own cowardice,

as each of them fall on the cold cold dirt.

No black or white knight present to save me,

The night falls  and I clenched my teeth,

As darkness came as bitter  as it could get,

I was left standing alone to protect my keep.


Let there be light,

I prayed day and night so intently,

Prayed that all the demons would leave me be,

Let them be diminish with all their hatred,

and their misguided truth be burned in hell.

Let there be light,

I wish to savor the peace I once had,

Hoping for a day that comes with a different ray of sun,

Letting my stone fortress be warm again,

let it recover from the dust it had become…


C.H.L 08.02.2017 06:51 PM















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