Maybe if I start with a smile

I would feel a little better,

I would be approachable, not intimidating,

It is less comfortable but who knows…

Maybe if I am stick thin

I wouldn’t hear the word “fat”

In the lips of the people who are flawed as me,

Maybe if I don’t look in the mirror,

The little skin that bulge in my small frame

Would go unnoticed and won’t be scrutinized by my own eyes;

Maybe if I eat a little,

The guilt wouldn’t count in the weighing scale,

It might starve me,

It will surely nourished my ego,

But never body and soul…

Maybe if I don’t compare myself with the girls in Instagram

I wouldn’t feel out-of-place and unattractive,

My skin won’t be something that I hate to breathe in,

But something I would be proud of…

Maybe!…if only…media doesn’t dictate what is beautiful,

I will see beauty isn’t just something what we see….


C.H.L 08.03.2017 06:00 PM


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