For he was red and blue at the same time,

Never one but always in between,

He was a sunset after the rain,

Dark,bliss and cold to touch,

Although I see the beauty in his eyes

I never felt at home…

It was never about love,

It isn’t something deeper

It was only for a moment,

Shallow and meaningless,

Just a desire that needed to be consumed,

A sinful attraction that objectified the norms…

C.H.L. 08.07.17 03:26 PM



Published by: averybadpoetry

I believe that "we live, we die...then there comes freedom" Welcome to averybadpoetry! I started this blog last year and honestly the only main purpose of this blog is for me to have a form of emotional outlet. Writing has help me a lot to cope with my emotions. I can only write what I felt and I hope some people can relate. I am not a writer and not a photographer, I am only an ordinary girl.Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my post, I hope you enjoy reading my very bad poetry! :)

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