As debauchery touched their passing lips,

Their insides grew clouded with immorality,

The absence of truth started feasting on their weakness,

Their dignity and conscience rot away,

A distasteful perfume of false reality

both innocuous and abhorrent,

Lies build their walls,

the mute screams,

the deaf listens nonchalantly,

while the blind watch them intently,


A swift reluctant parting in a reality of no words,

no presence of humanity,

where there exist a certain sweetness in cruelty,

where every moment is the birth of acceptance,

In the exchange of intimacy between the mistress,

the husband,the wife, and their ghost,

The sheets of their lies became their truth,

Their love gave life to fraud and infidelity.


-C.H.L 05.16.2012  (past writing)




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