I Steadfast to my belief,

I cut the strings, but why am I in grief?

I am what I am and I believe,

But why such state turns into disbelief?


Why mock the mischief of others?

Why lie in the face of those who suffer?

In the strings of the false masters,

That speak in tongues yet their voice falters?


Rub off the glory that isn’t yours,

Take off your skin and live in bore,

Don’t be afraid and show your demons,

Feel free to feel and live without reason,


You are tainted in hypocrisy,

You are yourself but an irony,

Of those who drown in praises,

That think they move in fast phases,


Who am I to judge you?

I am nothing but a simpleton,

A fool maybe in your eyes that snob,

The Clarity of dignity that you rob,


So I steadfast on what awaits me,

Firmly rooted on what I wanted to see,

Shut my eyes to the dismal glow,

In the carnival of wolves that moves slow,


I dance to the rhythm of my music,

My self-expression that makes you sick,

A harmless impression of oddity,

That kills all of your facetious animosity,


Is it respect that you expect?

But that is the one thing you won’t get…

In all of your vague sagacity,

That blighted your vanity…


-C.H.L 08.08.2017 09:39 AM


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