You’re beautiful

Please remind me “I’m beautiful” even though I know am not,

Remind me this when I look in the mirror and see my lifeless eyes,

Remind my eyes that even she lost her sparkle she is my favorite part in my face,

Tell me “I’m beautiful” when I hate the acne scars in my skin or any imperfection that isn’t there,

“I’m beautiful” when my native nose are the jokes of my friends,

“I’m beautiful” when a line of douche bag men tells me my lips are only good for couple of things,

When I know my mouth, my lips are also good for retaliation against their sexist comments when they told me I’m bossy and cocky, “just a girl”

“I’m beautiful” even though my teeth are crooked,

“I’m beautiful” despite of body, sexuality and preferences issues that women face today,

Remind ourselves, both men and the radical feminist that my choice of clothes is not consent,

It is therefore a form of artistic expression that we our self  gratify for our own satisfaction only;

I mean feminism isn’t about slut shaming, so anyone from 1st to 3rd wave so-called feminist hear yourself out,

So please tell me “I’m beautiful” when the world tells me I am not,

Tell me this when I intoxicate myself with insecurities I created and

what the society standard dictates both in media and culturally,

Tell me I’m a different kind of beautiful that no one cannot dictate,

Remind me this phrase when the world is too difficult to handle,

When I feel I am worthless,broken-hearted and when the world doesn’t validate me,

Especially when I am sad, unloved, down and destructive,

and all the shitty misogynistic words the society labeled us of what being a young girl is in this “men world”,

Girls “You are beautiful” in this fucked up world please remind yourself this even though you feel like you’re not….


-C.H.L 10.17.17 14:44 .PM.


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